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Small-hold farmers don’t have to be the poorest people on our continent, agriculture value chains can, and must, do better. Every year, over 15 million Malawians depend on agriculture to survive. The sad fact is that these farmer families only achieve about 30% of their potential yield. This reality locks farmer families in a subsistence farming cycle. Where low yields and low profitability mean that in a good year; farmers earn roughly under $50 for the acre their family has access to.

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Farmer families have historically earned incomes below the poverty line. This negatively affects their access to education, health, and all other opportunities to grow themselves out of poverty. The business culture that has been built around farmer engagement unfortunately continues to fuel the cycle of low yield subsistence farming. GGEM is purpose built to put more money into farmers’ pockets, and more affordable food onto plates across Malawi. With our partners, we provide the agri-inputs, extension expertise, and infrastructure required for farmers to significantly boost their yield and incomes through a centralised ethical marketplace.

We don’t stop there.​​​

Using a fair buying and selling ethos, GGEM is building an alternative food system that is both equitable and profitable; where GGEM farmer produce is bought from farmers significantly above local vendor prices. Malawi succeeds when farmer communities earn more. Stimulating rural economies enables more farmer incomes to circulate in rural communities as farmers self-invest in their own goals.

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All our investments are traceable – our marketplace reports clearly and transparently on where every cent goes. GGEM has been successfully managing debt financing since 2019 and grant financing since 2018. All our financing is raised in order to remain farmer first focused as we scale. Join us and put your investment directly into farmers’ pockets.

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GGEM has been successfully managing debt financing since 2019. We are also able to absorb debt financing. Typically our terms last for 1 year, where fund use is fully traceable. We are not in the business of selling equity, so we remain farmer first focused as we scale. Debt financing GGEM’s produce purchase fund means putting your investment directly into farmers’ pockets.

Partner FAQs

GGEM Farming currently invests in rural farmers via Partner Grant Funding  and  Impact Investment Debt Financing.
GGEM Farming is registered as Limited by Guarantee Company in Malawi.
GGEM Farming is registered with the Malawi NGO Board and meets the USA Equivalency Determination.

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