Ethical buying benefits everyone.

Our centralised ethical marketplace uses a fair buying and selling ethos to build an alternative food system, that is both more equitable and profitable for both our farmers and our buyers. Our GGEM farmers produce is bought from farmers 60%+ above local vendor prices, and sold via a network of low-income community retailers as price controlled fair food. Consistent and traceable sources of high-quality commodities make sure that you, as a buyer, can make good on your promises!

Commodities Tracking (kg's)

Here are the commodities available now and into the future.

 2019 – 20212022 – 20232023 – 2024
Red Speckled Beans Grade 1210 MT1,500 MT3,000 MT
Red Kidney Beans Grade 130 MT200 MT500 MT+
Mixed Sugar Beans10 MT300 MT500 MT+
Kilombero (Malawi Rice) Grade 1520 MT1,000 MT1,500 MT
Kilombero (Malawi Rice) Grade 250 MT300 MT500 MT
Sunflower Seed30 MT60 MT200 MT+
Hemp30 MT60 MT200 MT+
Moringa Seed30 MT60 MT200 MT+
Baobab30 MT60 MT200 MT+
Chilli30 MT60 MT200 MT+
Quinoa30 MT60 MT200 MT+
Millet30 MT60 MT200 MT+

Direct order form

You can directly contract farmers to produce up to the maximums in the table.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Buyer FAQs

A buyer is able to collect or arrange for their commodity purchases to be delivered to them. All in country purchases are made in Malawi Kwacha.
Commodity delivery outside of Malawi is available to the following countries within a 14-21 day period. Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe. All countries not appearing on the list above can get in touch for a delivery timeline estimation.
All regional sales are processed in USD. A deposit maybe required from some buyers before produce is dispatched from GGEM Farming.
Buyers are able to place orders up to 12 months ahead of time to ensure production and delivery of any GGEM Farmer contracted commodity orders.

Yes. Buyers can request specific grades, commodities and quantities when you directly contract GGEM Farmers to supply your commodity needs.

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