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GGEM Farming is a Social Enterprise based in Malawi. We identify local farmers, helping them to grow their yield and improve the quality of their crops. We do it through a combination of training, infrastructure development, and input loans. All made possible by forward-thinking partners. Our ethical marketplace aggregates their improved crops and puts more money back into farmers’ pockets. This approach uplifts farmers, their families and communities.

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farmers currently supported and growing

% 48

increase in farmer incomes to date​​

US$ 500000

of money successfully invested


Metric Tonnes of Fair Food available in 2022

Commodities Tracking.

These are the commodities we currently grow and sell.

Red Speckled Beans Grade 1

Red Kidney Beans Grade 1

Mixed Sugar Beans

Kilombero (Malawi Rice) Grade 1

Kilombero (Malawi Rice) Grade 2

Sunflower Seed

We want to achieve fair market access for 1 million farmers in 10 years.

The only way to eradicate poverty in Africa, is from the ground up. Giving small-hold farmers a fair opportunity and a fair marketplace, will positively affect millions of lives, and unlock the incredible potential in Malawi, and in time, Africa.

Whether you’re a potential buyer or partner, you can make an incredible impact through GGEM Farming. We are reforming the way the agri-economy works in a way that not only improves communities and their livelihoods but creates more opportunities for people to achieve their dreams.

We do it by ensuring that every decision we make ultimately puts more money into farmers’ pockets. Our uncompromising ethical approach creates a fair playing field for all to participate in, and benefit from, Africa’s agricultural potential.

Technology enables us to bridge the information, financing, logistics and market access gaps that drastically reduce farmer profitability, which keep hardworking farmers perpetually poor. Connect with us and let us talk about how we can work together.

Success is self-investment.

Meet Chifundo

“I self invested in a better house- no more mavuto amvula (rain problems).”

Many GGEM Farmers have been farming for 20+ years, and a significant number of first year GGEM Farmers are also first time home owners, and first time metal roofed home owners. It only takes one GGEM season to make a 20 year old ambition, a reality.

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GGEM is not only changing the way we farm for the better. GGEM prepares us for the future by helping us to set goals that we can reach through our farming incomes.

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