GGEM Drive and Values

Harvest full of GGEMs! 2017/2018 farmer group poses with their bags full of healthy legumes.
GGEM Farming exists to strengthen the agricultural value chain by supporting the everyday farmer to thrive. We are a Social Enterprise who provide training, financing and marketing support so that Malawian farmers can grow better, eat better and live better.

GGEM Drive and Values

Below is a video where our Head of Growth K. Chijota, explains why the GGEM Asset Based Commercial Agriculture Model is changing how Malawian farmers work.
K. Chijota holds cassava field interview GGEM Farming is driven by our passion for agriculture and the potential it has to turn ordinary lives around. We support and serve everyday people to be able to work together and financially equip themselves to choose the lives they want to live. We are working towards a Malawi where every man and woman who farms for a living has the access and knowledge to achieve commercial size and quality harvest, a fair and ethical market to supply as well as a community group to share their successes with.

Our Values

Below are the core values that drive our work at GGEM Farming:

Farmer to Farmer Service. We are Malawian farmers too. We work with everyday people who are living the pressures and experiences of farmers that we also know and face. We meet in their fields and we build on each other’s assets and experience.

Unity of Purpose. We work with farmer groups by design. We believe that the best way for farmers to achieve commercial quality and volume is by sharing community assets. Diversified Partnerships. We find our farmer groups through our GGEM Friends and Partners. We believe that by working together in each community, we can produce a more transformative livelihood impact in people’s lives.

Hard Work Farming as we know it in Malawi is labor intensive unpredictable and requires patience. The proof is truly in the harvest. Because of this we believe in discipline and diligence. We demonstrate this to all those we work with and expect the same from our farmer groups.

Professionalism and Applied Learning. We are a team of agricultural enthusiasts who pride ourselves on our years of practical farming knowledge as well as professional community engagement. We love what we do and above all we value the learning and sharing as we continue to grow. Growing leadership. We work with existing community structures, encouraging shared learning, self- improvement and self-investment to allow communities to build their own long term leadership and solutions.

Farmer Inclusion and Choice. Malawi has over 14 million people who rely on agriculture for income generation and their food supply. Not everyone wants to be a farmer but it is their only choice. We envision giving millions of Malawians the opportunity to farm together, raise money for their VSLA’s and thereafter have the financial inclusion and choice to live the lives they want and deserve.

Scale. We believe that scale is necessary because agriculture is the backbone of Malawi. We must work together as organizations, communities and individuals for us all to adapt to agriculture that will more than sustain everyday people’s lives. GGEM Scale means agriculture that will propel everyday people’s dreams.

Passionate about Collaborating. We don’t have bells or whistles, just integrity and grit. GGEM Farming is for farmers by farmers because collaborative working and unity of purpose is how we boost agriculture in Malawi.

Use your skills to improve lives with GGEM Farming

If you are interested in honing your people skills, learning about agriculture on the ground and making a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of farming families then our 2018 program has jobs for you.

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