Our Programs

Farmer group recieves their delivery of equipment, herbicides and pesticides. Proudly owned and bought by the group.

We adapt our model to suit the group location, access to assets and level of experience to determine which GGEM Group they must begin their GGEM journey in. Below is how we are currently working with over 1000 farmers in Malawi.

GGEM Farmers Revolving Fund Groups

We work with Farmer groups across the central region of Malawi. These groups are self-administrated and guaranteed by our partner organisations. This allows us to engage them as a value add to their current positive engagements within the community.

What We Do
We provide expertise, equipment, inputs and an ethical market for their commercial quality produce. All profits are put back into their Group VSLA after harvest and sales.

The Win
The group is then able to borrow significantly more funds from their VSLA which allows for self-driven investment and development to occur within the community.

GGEM Supplier Groups

A GGEM Revolving fund group is being assisted to process their harvest by a supplier group. This is one of the ways that we help farmers to learn processes from each other to speed up peer to peer learning of key post-harvest processes. How
We work with seasoned grain and legume farmers in order to improve the quality of their produce and engage them in packaging and marketing solutions that create local products of export quality.

What We Do
We provide Supplier Groups with commercial farming and marketing expertise, as well as storage, packaging and distribution solutions.

The Win
We provide a sustainable, reliable and fair market place for their goods. They receive schedules for market strategies that maximize on profitability and all year round income generation opportunities.

GGEM Learner Groups

Learner group Growing plot, after #usingwhatyouhave We provide learning opportunities to:
  • Individual farmers
  • Secondary Schools (Final year students without pending further education or employment options)
  • Community Youth Groups
Some of our programs include:
  • Farmer skills development via Eating Colours Projects
  • Community Demonstration Plot Challenges
  • Food banks for schools

Use your skills to improve lives with GGEM Farming

If you are interested in honing your people skills, learning about agriculture on the ground and making a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of farming families then our 2018 program has jobs for you.

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