Mary shows us the difference in harvest size and quality. She is holding one handful of peanuts that show how little they harvested per plant before learning the GGEM way vs What they now know how to produce using GGEM Farming commercialized methods.
The GGEM Farming Vision is a strong Agricultural Value Chain where every farmer can access fair and ethical opportunities to thrive.

Why GGEM Farmers work together

Farmers have the unique capability to turn the Malawian economic landscape around. This can be made possible by everyday people farming together and succeeding through cohesion and collaboration across the country. When VSLA group farmers improve the quality and volume of their harvests, they also create group pools of increased financial access to use for development on their own terms.

Farmers are people who know what they want and need. GGEM farming exists to boost the financial inclusion they need to build their futures through ethical access, opportunities and commercial agriculture practices. GGEM Farming is proud to represent farmers who believe in collaborative working and are using it to turn their own lives around using the community assets that they have. By 2020 GGEM Farming will be operational in every region of Malawi growing hundreds of VSLA’s every season, in order to support choice.

Today work hard with what you have so that tomorrow you can chose the life you want to live. This is only just the beginning. GGEM Farming is helping hundreds of farmers to grow with the advantages of commercial expertise and experience. We are switching farmers from common low yield practices to high potential commercial agriculture norms. We do this by systematically demonstrating the power in holistic collaborative approaches in teaching, learning and working. This includes synchronizing our efforts with government and diverse sector partners in order to deepen our impact as we grow.

Use your skills to improve lives with GGEM Farming

If you are interested in honing your people skills, learning about agriculture on the ground and making a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of farming families then our 2018 program has jobs for you.

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