How We Work

#UseWhatYouHave. A rice farmer in Dowa district, eagerly waiting for her GGEM harvest. She has already noticed the difference and is sharing the methods she has learnt with her extended family.
We use Asset Based Commercial Agriculture to break the cycle of subsistence farming. We exist to support farmers so that they more than sustain themselves but instead thrive through collaborative commercial farming.

More than 14 million Malawian households depend on agriculture as a source of income and food supply. This represents over 75% of the population. People under the age of 35 form over 80% of that figure and as the average age of the population decreases the average age of the farmer increases.

This young country is faced with a serious hunger challenge annually. As the older generation of farmers leave the job to the young majority, the uptake of farming for financial gain unfortunately continues to dwindle.

Philip Kaetano Nkhotakota GGEM Farmer explaining how farming differently has changed his life and perspective. Young people and the general farming communities all over Malawi through their regular techniques and individualistic approach, treat farming only as a means subsistence survival; not the financial inclusion opportunity that it is. The average farmer farms out of need without expertise or quality assurance. This leads us every year to the perpetual low yields, low nutritious content, low diversification of food and low surplus for cash generation situation.

We serve the farmers by bringing new lenses which young farmers and seasoned farmers alike can use to see a brighter future fueled by innovative agriculture. Every year we see that the average Malawian family of 7 needs more than 1 acre of 1 crop to survive without hunger until the next harvest. GGEM Farming are able to avail solutions to Malawi’s hunger status, malnutrition reoccurrence, limited arable land vs growing population, lack of financial inclusion and choice thorough our partnership driven asset based commercial agriculture approach.

Hunger and poverty will not stifle our resolve. As long as farmers are learning and working with a unity of purpose we will change Malawi’s economic status.

Use your skills to improve lives with GGEM Farming

If you are interested in honing your people skills, learning about agriculture on the ground and making a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of farming families then our 2018 program has jobs for you.

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