New farmers decide on how much land to use as a GGEM group.

GGEM Farming was founded by a commercial farmer in 2016. We began with a pilot project working with 16 farming families in rural Malawi. By the end of 2017 GGEM Farming was serving over 200 farmers, working in 3 districts with a target of 1500 farmers, engaged by the end of 2018. Our Value Addition and Value Chain Strengthening focus is rapidly increasing the demand and reach of our services.

*All GGEM activities are opt in services. All farmers are introduced to GGEM Farming on a referral basis, and each farmer is expected to be willing together with their community.

Increase in farmers actively participating in GGEM farming’s emerging, Ethical Agriculture Value Chain.

GGEM Farming engages in farming activities in order to sustain its core operations. We look forward to building our Farmer Revolving Fund in order to grow our reach across Malawi with donor dollars supporting our operations and collaborative innovations. Growing our sustainability is a significant element in our growth strategy. We want to use exposure, service provider synergy, technology, showcasing as well as teaching and learning in order to improve our efficiency and impact. We are dreaming big covering while we need support to achieve our value added value chain, we are also using the assets we have to drive the cause.

For Farmer by Farmers. This is the principal that built our organisation. We understand the Malawian Agricultural landscape, we are know what is needed and collaboration is key for us to figure out how we become and remain successful in Agriculture. Below are the key components of how we have driven our growth.

Focus on Learning. We don’t have all the answers. What we have are the tools to help communities to identify the assets, physical, intellectual, collective and otherwise that can help them to unify and excel in boosting their agricultural incomes. We extensive monitoring tools that focus on continuous learning and delivering high quality impact.

Proof's in the pudding. Our farmers have seen the success in following our practices and most importantly, working together. This has been the greatest testament for our model and methods which is what is embedding us successfully in a growing number of communities.

Building on Trust. Collaborative working is GGEM Farming. We work through partnerships with existing organisations so that we can add value and purpose to holistic approaches for community change. No one solution is the best solution. By working together as organisations we lead by example while we share and build trust and unity in the process.

Focus on Expert Dreamers. We have dedicated staff who love what they do. They can relate, understand from firsthand experience and are proactive about Agricultural innovations because they themselves are farmers. Our model was built by asking every individual person what they have, need, want to learn and can offer. We don’t have smallholder farmers, we have everyday people with hopes and dreams and farming is how they will change their lives.

Use your skills to improve lives with GGEM Farming

If you are interested in honing your people skills, learning about agriculture on the ground and making a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of farming families then our 2018 program has jobs for you.

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